Saturday, November 24, 2012

New HitThief?

I've pitched the idea to Isaac, another HitThief is an idea he likes. If I present to him a good enough script. He says he's in. So work has begun!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Official Trailer release!

The trailer for Operation: Blue-Nova was uploaded tonight. It contains a voice over in the beginning, we also used the line that Henry delivered. It seemed logical. All 'bout PR. I've got to announce that many videos that are listed in Coming soon page are now not being released at the day listed under the video info. The film it self is going through a rought spot right now, as the final sequence remains un-filmed. We're hoping to nail this soon enough and film the sequence. Release the film at least in the first 2 weeks of November!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Are you dead?

The third season is well underway. Einarsson Films videos have been streaming out! DEinarsson will be once a week, and the CGI will be daily. It's going great! I still can't get enough of editing and processing!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Season 3

It's short now, Einarsson Films' third season is about to begin. We count our films in seasons. Season 2010-2011 was short, and only featured Hit-Thief films and two trailers. Season 2 (2011-2012) was... prolific, we set out to do one video a month, and we came close. Sadly few months didn't make it there. Videos like: 'Enemies' and the 'Assassin' series, along with 'Ghost Town' but Season 3 will be great! We will be doing 2 videos a month, or every second week. 'Operation: Blue-Nova' is coming... Including some great stuff! We will also be doing videos from August to June. Shortening the upload dry-season to just one month! We are working hard to produce enough content for you guys. Don't worry, just because we're increasing quantity, we're NOT loosing quality. If the day comes where we must choose. Quality is our main priority! But other channels may suffer from this. DEinarsson for instance will not be doing one a week or two a month. (Like we wanted to try) It will probably be doing one a month or maybe more, and CGI will sadly suffer the most since it's been the hardest for us to do that channel it's best. So that might be the downside. We're sorry, but there has to be one. We're all entering 10th grade. That's the last year of Primary school in Iceland. But to some it's the 2. year in high-school. (I forget, but I think the name was something really long and boring :/ ) So school is a lot of work for us. That's why we're spending a lot of our summer filming, just so we can achieve this goal. I hope that's okay for you guys. We also came into a little discovery. Just about no-one knows that we have a website! :( I hope this will change soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Video page update

I was updating the video page when I made a wish... 
I was following my past self film maker dream! So I decided to add this to the video page...

"-HitThief: Legacy - Announced -  The idea is simple enough the supporting roles are too introduce more story to the series. We want to create one more HitTheif video. Also continuing the saga that Part 1 and Part 2 started. This is just an idea... But this would be great! If we were to see our first action film saga finally take a close. Since we have had the idea of how it should end for ages. Now we will go after the ancient dream!"

Filming is intense!

Riding our bikes through the dirt with a bag loaded with props... It's amazing! It's tiering but amazing! I was filming an upcoming short action-film we're calling it 'Rampage!' We're going to add loads of refrances. One 'Indiana Jones' refrance one 'Star Wars' refrance, something from 'Matrix' I like to belive. We added allot of effects... A machine-gun it's pretty cool.. We also tried out somethings with Element 3D. Basically adding in CG into our films. Amazing stuff right there! It process 3D objects in after-effects! Cheack it out on VideoCopilot's website I recomend it! We also kicked in some dirt in before filming some shots.. Just adding in some cool-ness... Practical effects! Amazing! I am really happy about this shoot!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Project 2am

We've got a considerable large goal for next season. Making 2 videos a month, Or Project 2am. It's great! You should be able to see what we're releasing and when on our video page. Have a nice upcoming Einarsson Films season.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


After a short conversation with Henry, when he was dilivering his lines to us for Operation: Blue-Nova. I learned that he is defenetly coming to Iceland next summer. This is great news. Meaning that Operation: Cold-Steel the sequel, he will star in :3

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New video is up!

The last video before summer vacation is up. There wont be another Einarsson Films video until the 19th of August. Then you can see Operation: Point-Delta is a shortened opening sequence the original sequence is around 60-70sec long, but this teaser is only 49sec long with all titles included. But it is enjoyable none the less. We do this so that when you watch the full film you're not just re-watching the teaser in the first minutes of the film. The video that is up is called 'Viktor the Dog' It's compiled clips of my dog Viktor preforming all kinds of stupid shenanigans. It was filmed by my mother and her boyfriend, my step-dad. They thought that  I should edit it together, so I did, and you can watch it. Thanks for the attention.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Filming started for Project Allies

The shooting for the upcoming project, Project Allies, or Operation: Blue-Nova has started. First day of filming was just being finished today. It was a great action sequence. We filmed for around 3hrs today. After that I looked at some of the clips, one in specific, and I see now that the VFX for that specific scene will be a little daring, This was the filming of one out of 3 fight scenes. The first one is a silent ninja like one, the second is an intense scene where the three characters do not know the position of the other. Then finally the third is a chase scene which has a great twist in the end. I cannot say to much, But the first one will only need to be filmed correctly and the second one will be based allot on editing. But the third has it's source on VFX. Today we filmed the second one. I like to think we'll start with filming the fights then we'll move over to filming all the dialog sequences. Over all this will be allot of work over the coming months since we all have summer jobs and all our families has plans! I also believe that I will try and base the camera movement on the character's feelings. So if the scene is intense the camera will shake and move around allot. If the scene has allot of running, the camera will be running around. If the character is just delivering a line or doing mondain work, It's stable. But when the line get's feeling attached to it, so will the camera.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Operation: Blue-Nova

It's written, and almost fully cast. Operation: Blue-Nova, the large project of the year. Known also as Project Allies. We're gonna be filming allot and as editing allot. There are busy times ahead. I love it!!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Semi Interesting Story...

Now, I am sick. Again. This is getting pretty tier-ing. I shall tell you the story. It's written in first person. By my toughts. Their a little blurry. But that's how I remember it.

    Ugh, what time is it? I am awake and it's not early yet, my neck hurting. My ass in the air. Feeling nothing but, Damn! My ear! The pain. It's not supposed to feel like this. Is something dying inside of it? My window is open. I hate this, my ear is constantly bugging me. More then 8 years now. Fuck! Comes on and calms down allot. It's getting unbarable. Let's just try and sleep trough it. Face into the pillow. I suppose. No, not working, all I feel is pain. God Damn It! Shit! This is not a nice time. In school is fine. Then I get a ticket home. Now I get a ticket to a sleeples night. I don't think that's a nice ticket... considering the school tomorrow. Dad! I need to speak to Dad. As I stumble over to dads place. I see the time. It's 5. That can be good news... like, if I won't be able to sleep, I will only suffer 2-3 hrs, and not 4-5 hrs. I approach the door. It's open. As I stumble towards the bed. I whisper: "Dad, the ear, it's killing me. I am surprised it isn't bleeding." Dad mumbles something. All I can make out is "Painkiller" and when his girlfriend hear us, she starts mumbleing, "..Nosespray..." Fuck! I hate those bastards, nosespray. Never feel any better after one. Only discomfort. Dad gets up, tells me to go to bed, then he walks into the kitchen. When he arrives he hands me a large glass of water and 2 pills. I just grab it. I don't care what it does. He thinks it will help. GIMME! I grab, place and swallow a half a liter of water. He hands me the nosespray, fuck. Well, it's supposed to help. I grab and spray. Then he hands me the glass of water. Swallow the rest. Damn! This ear thing has to be kidding. It's been less then 3 months. The pain seems to be unstable. Sometimes it's bearable, other times... not so much. Why can't I just not be sick and go to school. Always better. Oh my lord!! The pain. My toughts seem to be unstable. I lay down. I don't even feel a little sleepy, wait! Not on the ear. It's killing me. Not on the other side. It's like the ear will cut trough my skull. God! Sit up and yell. This is not my favorite night. It's been half an hour. Those pills ain't kicking in. "ARRRG!!!" I lay back down. What's this? I feel sleepy. I... I.... it's....


Monday, April 30, 2012

Of Monsters And Men?

For some upcoming project I have a certain type of scene in mind, but this scene will be enhanced by a very nice song. Your Bones by Of Monsters and Men which is my favorite song with them. This has been approved by the band it self. The lead singer will be allowing this. Now this might not happen becouse of the simple fact that YouTube may not aggree with me on this, but the singer embraces this. So do I :)


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ghost Town release

The Ghost Town is released. It has some Sherlock Holmes music. It's got great color correction and wonderful soothing shots with a scary touch to them. I'm happy to announce that the first ever Einarsson film without any action is out. So far with great feedback. Now just to release the final video before summer vacation, then I'm off to filming all summer and making sure we've got stocked up footage for the following films.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Last before summer vacation.

Now, Third Assassin episode is up. It's unbelivably short. But it's action packed, considering the ammount of effects in a less then a minute video. The cinematic is recorded. It should be 5 minutes or more. It will not include any action or effects. It's very very very low on effects. But the editing and music is pretty neat. The filmin went well. I did loose my phone in that ghost town tough. Not great.
         Before summer vacation I will release a video. Very early in the month of June. It's a compilation of loads of videos recorded of my dog. I have not spent any time on it. I will edit it and add in some music. It's basically me saying have a nice summer, in a video. I hope it will bring laughs :-)
         In the summer vacation, we AIM to complete all Assassin Episodes, In order to have stockpiled content for those months that we're busy in exams. Also our main objective is to complete most of the shots in Project Allies. But we're trying our best to make this. Hopefully we don't have much trips or location visiting. Unless their on simmilar times. So we can record as much as possible.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Next 2 Videos

We apologize for the lack of content in the month of March. It isn't our goal to fail to release videos. But it happens. We had recorded a machinima, Only one short clip of it was uploaded, not on Einarsson Films channel. We're not to pleased with this result...BUT... We've got something good, before our summer-vacation, In which we use for familly time, and recording some projects (Stockpiling.) We've got 2 videos. One is the third episode of the Assassin! Very good this one. Bit of running, bit of shooting, fair ammount of blood in the end :3.
       Now on the other end, for the May month, LAST one before summer-vacation. Is a cinematic of the ghost town in a part of Keflavík. In which the Air-Force-Iceland (US army) lived for years. It has one good surprise in it. But NO-ONE ever steps infront of the camera. We're only showing how few actually live here. MAX 3 famillies. It's really scary. Broken windows and stuff. It's a good change from our useual routine.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Allies

Okey, this is the second large secret project that we're starting. Called Project Allies, only those who followed the blog know anything. But nothing really. See Project Allies, is a large project. About the same length as Enemies. Only more awesome. Released in November. The only news I will post are hard to understand tweets and Facebook staduses. A teaser on the DEinarsson channel in October. Then a Trailer in early November. Then the film itself. Never giving away the name. Untill the trailer. Enjoy :3

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Okey, for those who don't know, Ætosaur is a channel on Youtube, that's got a 150 subs or so. The leader of the channel Saurian/Henry H. Is willing to mabey star in one of our projects. But is that gonna be a huge role in a huge project? Or a smaller one? Or a smaller project? WHAT? Mabey he wont be on at all. What are yer toughts people of the Internet?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blendin' is just fantasic.

The whole part of the animation and music. Is brilliant, thinking of posting a sneakpeak of one of the characters soon. Here and on Twitter and Facebook. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some CGI updates, Woodpuncher stuff too.

Well, Do to some issues with the cast, Road to the End will not air for some time, most issues have been fixed but the recording of it will delay for some time. On a simmilar note while the second episode was about the starting issues in survival minecraft: gathering block, starting a farm. But we recorded about 5 other episodes, but the audio messed up, so now we gotta record a tour of what we've done so far. (Finished the farm, a portal, a breeding farm, a mineshaft, a fishing place) hopefully you understand. On another note some of us CGI dudes will be on a simmilar survival let's play with Saurian of Aetosaur channel. With tribes, me being pirate-ish.
       Regarding the Woodpuncher stuff. Tomorrow we start testing the software and the rigs more intensly, by intesnly we meen 80 minutes each wednessday, and more other days of the week, ofcourse.


Sunday, January 1, 2012


For those of you most interested in the January project, It's a surprise. For those of you browsing the web at GMT-New Years Eve. I have to say i forgot how buitiful Reykjavík looks at Icelandic New Year's
Also if you're interested in future projects, See the Video page, It'll include some great info, It's constantly changing and so on, yeah, yeah. But now it should be pretty acurate.