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'From Time to Time' - Pre-Production - A collaboration between Anthony Cawood and Daði Einarsson. A mostly cinematic short with a nice story tied in.

Cast -
Guðsteinn Ellertson
Oddný Svava Steinarsdóttir

Crew -
Direction - Daði Einarsson
Screenplay - Anthony Cawood
Production - Guðsteinn Ellertson

Release Date - Undecided - Early 2015

'Trevor' - Pre-Production - Working title. A sci-fi short that we intent do film next summer. It's quite the piece. I think it will be an excellent piece of film.

Cast -
Guðsteinn Ellertson - Trevor Wright
Arnór Sindri Sölvason - Patrick 'Pat' Bailey
Jón Bjarni Ísaksson - Tim Jason

Crew -
Direction & Screenplay - Daði Einarsson

Release Date - Undecided - Late 2015

'Sæmi & Freyr' - Pre-Production - Working title. It's an idea for a television show that me and Guðsteinn would like to do at some point.

Cast -

Crew -
Screenplay - Daði Einarsson
Screenplay - Guðsteinn Ellertson

Release Date - Undecided - Distant Future

'Function' - Pre-Production - The next big thing, in the end, it'll probably be a feature I direct once I think I'm ready.

Cast -

Crew -
Direction & Screenplay - Daði Einarsson
Production & Screenplay - Guðsteinn F. Ellertson
Production - Hlynur Sölvason
Production - Marteinn Ibsen

Release Date - Undecided - Distant Future


'Outlawed' - Benched

'Archer' - Benched

'Soldier's Eye 2' - Benched

'Carlos' - Benched

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