Saturday, December 31, 2011

Desember Project Released and More!

3 days since the release of the Desember Project. In 72 hours 43 views have earned. It's good considering this wasn't as awaited as The Enemies, wich achived a houndred in the first few days. Soldier's Eye Sound Editing Behind the scenes is on it's way, and so is Enemies, I just got my screen recorder to work again, (Not Fraps, screen recording, not game recording) Also, Weekly Vlogs have been changed to DEinarsson Vlogs, where I'll not only upload videos that are random vlogs, but also Behind the Scenes of varius films fall under that catigory. Once a week. I cant wait to shear my knowlage of VFX editing with you guys.

More Confusion in the Apocalypse section

Now as many of you remember, The Apcoalypse have been said to be recorded, to be animated, to be recorded, to be animated and to be recored. But now, we actually got some Minecraft Rigs! I am amazed at the buity of this thing. It's so smooth, yet boxy. Very comic-y very nice. The Lead Animator and i will need some time with this. So now that the recording is set to start next January, we'll need to do allot of practising. Testing the rigs to the fullest. And us to the fullest. We have little as none experiense with Blender3D work. But this shall be tested for the least. If this path wont work for The Apocalypse, then we'll record it, but animate future WPS projects. There are allot of posibilities with these. These are GREAT news in all seriusness. Wether or not we use it for now.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Well. It's the 25th. I hope all you people across the world have given and recived what was wished during this global holiday season. At least I loved it, and i sure hoped you did too

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"The Soldier's Eye" and "Minecraft: Apocalypse" News

Due to all the christmas preparations, finishing Soldier's Eye might be harder than anticipated. Now this would not be the first time I don't make the original release date. But common, some minutes into editing. I try to provide the best info I can, not always a 100% reliable. But Soldier's Eye will be released in December but probably after the 26th. Now for those that have been following this site for a long time will know that Minecraft: Apocalypse is a large scale project we're working on. Apocalypse idea sprung summer 2011. Now we're ready to record, We'll start recording the time our school starts a new semester. [Second week in January.] The crew of actors and puppets are 4-6 people. Set builders are 3. A sneak peek will be available after two weeks of recording on the DEinarsson channel then a trailer after we recorded the pilot on Einarsson Films. Then I'll probably release the pilot on Einarsson Films and Wood Puncher Studios simultaneously and in both release's I'll include a link to Wood Puncher channel to make sure that people realize the rest of the series will be released there. Now I'll go back to the christmas stuff.

Friday, December 9, 2011

"The Soldier's Eye"

When "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" was released, me and Valli needed a video to release for December. So in late November we recorded what we came to call "The Soldier's Eye" shot entirely in first person, based on the resently released first person shooters "Modern Warfare 3" and "Battlefield 3." Currently I´m adding the VFX to the project. I hope to release it from 22 to 26. We truly hope you enjoy this month's short!

- DEinarsson