Monday, April 30, 2012

Of Monsters And Men?

For some upcoming project I have a certain type of scene in mind, but this scene will be enhanced by a very nice song. Your Bones by Of Monsters and Men which is my favorite song with them. This has been approved by the band it self. The lead singer will be allowing this. Now this might not happen becouse of the simple fact that YouTube may not aggree with me on this, but the singer embraces this. So do I :)


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ghost Town release

The Ghost Town is released. It has some Sherlock Holmes music. It's got great color correction and wonderful soothing shots with a scary touch to them. I'm happy to announce that the first ever Einarsson film without any action is out. So far with great feedback. Now just to release the final video before summer vacation, then I'm off to filming all summer and making sure we've got stocked up footage for the following films.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Last before summer vacation.

Now, Third Assassin episode is up. It's unbelivably short. But it's action packed, considering the ammount of effects in a less then a minute video. The cinematic is recorded. It should be 5 minutes or more. It will not include any action or effects. It's very very very low on effects. But the editing and music is pretty neat. The filmin went well. I did loose my phone in that ghost town tough. Not great.
         Before summer vacation I will release a video. Very early in the month of June. It's a compilation of loads of videos recorded of my dog. I have not spent any time on it. I will edit it and add in some music. It's basically me saying have a nice summer, in a video. I hope it will bring laughs :-)
         In the summer vacation, we AIM to complete all Assassin Episodes, In order to have stockpiled content for those months that we're busy in exams. Also our main objective is to complete most of the shots in Project Allies. But we're trying our best to make this. Hopefully we don't have much trips or location visiting. Unless their on simmilar times. So we can record as much as possible.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Next 2 Videos

We apologize for the lack of content in the month of March. It isn't our goal to fail to release videos. But it happens. We had recorded a machinima, Only one short clip of it was uploaded, not on Einarsson Films channel. We're not to pleased with this result...BUT... We've got something good, before our summer-vacation, In which we use for familly time, and recording some projects (Stockpiling.) We've got 2 videos. One is the third episode of the Assassin! Very good this one. Bit of running, bit of shooting, fair ammount of blood in the end :3.
       Now on the other end, for the May month, LAST one before summer-vacation. Is a cinematic of the ghost town in a part of KeflavĂ­k. In which the Air-Force-Iceland (US army) lived for years. It has one good surprise in it. But NO-ONE ever steps infront of the camera. We're only showing how few actually live here. MAX 3 famillies. It's really scary. Broken windows and stuff. It's a good change from our useual routine.