Saturday, December 31, 2011

Desember Project Released and More!

3 days since the release of the Desember Project. In 72 hours 43 views have earned. It's good considering this wasn't as awaited as The Enemies, wich achived a houndred in the first few days. Soldier's Eye Sound Editing Behind the scenes is on it's way, and so is Enemies, I just got my screen recorder to work again, (Not Fraps, screen recording, not game recording) Also, Weekly Vlogs have been changed to DEinarsson Vlogs, where I'll not only upload videos that are random vlogs, but also Behind the Scenes of varius films fall under that catigory. Once a week. I cant wait to shear my knowlage of VFX editing with you guys.

More Confusion in the Apocalypse section

Now as many of you remember, The Apcoalypse have been said to be recorded, to be animated, to be recorded, to be animated and to be recored. But now, we actually got some Minecraft Rigs! I am amazed at the buity of this thing. It's so smooth, yet boxy. Very comic-y very nice. The Lead Animator and i will need some time with this. So now that the recording is set to start next January, we'll need to do allot of practising. Testing the rigs to the fullest. And us to the fullest. We have little as none experiense with Blender3D work. But this shall be tested for the least. If this path wont work for The Apocalypse, then we'll record it, but animate future WPS projects. There are allot of posibilities with these. These are GREAT news in all seriusness. Wether or not we use it for now.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Well. It's the 25th. I hope all you people across the world have given and recived what was wished during this global holiday season. At least I loved it, and i sure hoped you did too

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"The Soldier's Eye" and "Minecraft: Apocalypse" News

Due to all the christmas preparations, finishing Soldier's Eye might be harder than anticipated. Now this would not be the first time I don't make the original release date. But common, some minutes into editing. I try to provide the best info I can, not always a 100% reliable. But Soldier's Eye will be released in December but probably after the 26th. Now for those that have been following this site for a long time will know that Minecraft: Apocalypse is a large scale project we're working on. Apocalypse idea sprung summer 2011. Now we're ready to record, We'll start recording the time our school starts a new semester. [Second week in January.] The crew of actors and puppets are 4-6 people. Set builders are 3. A sneak peek will be available after two weeks of recording on the DEinarsson channel then a trailer after we recorded the pilot on Einarsson Films. Then I'll probably release the pilot on Einarsson Films and Wood Puncher Studios simultaneously and in both release's I'll include a link to Wood Puncher channel to make sure that people realize the rest of the series will be released there. Now I'll go back to the christmas stuff.

Friday, December 9, 2011

"The Soldier's Eye"

When "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" was released, me and Valli needed a video to release for December. So in late November we recorded what we came to call "The Soldier's Eye" shot entirely in first person, based on the resently released first person shooters "Modern Warfare 3" and "Battlefield 3." Currently I´m adding the VFX to the project. I hope to release it from 22 to 26. We truly hope you enjoy this month's short!

- DEinarsson

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Now that Enemies is done, Should we start working on a new large, exiting project? Code-name: 'Allies'
This we can start working on for a long time. And you might be able to see it by this time next year, Or so. Hopefully we will go for this, Its not that there isn't a list of films that we have to get done soon enough! This will be our next big thing, (Discluding; "Ghost Killers" , " Minecraft: The Apocalypse")

Yeah... I know!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last Enemies Update!

Enemies was released some days back. We have gotten great responses. It is nice to hear how many people love our stuff. In fact people have been walking up to me telling me how nice it was. I love getting compliments like that. Hopefully we can make our next release as in the second week of December. I will try my best to get the guys to record some sort of short film for the next release date. But the main news is that Enemies is released and It did well, It has English subtiltes for those who don't speak Icelandic.
You may find the short film HERE. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Enemies Ultimate Behind the Scenes!

I was hoping to do some "Behind the Scenes" for this film as in posting videos on the DEinarsson channel. The videos we where thinking of posting are:

"Visual Effect Breakdown" "Score Breakdown" "In the Editing" "Video Commentary" and the "Movie Commentary"

That's Allot, But I'd like to include our basic routine in Five Video's just so that we dont need to explain this every time we post a video. Not just to make it esier on us. But helping our friends that are curious as to how we do our video effects and Gun fires. Stay tuned, Enemies will be posted on the first Sunday in Novemember! It's Just around the corner people!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Visual Effects for Enemies!

The Visual Effect face for the new upcoming short: "The Enemies" is complete! I have done all the Effects for the individual clips that are in the short film. Now I have done 50% of the editing for the film. It's looking better than before and I'm still wondering why I didn't just start from beginning right away. This is so much fun! When I'm done with this layer of editing I will go back over the whole cut and add Sound Effects. Then go over the hole thing again and add the Music. Then I Render the hole Cut and bring it into After Effects where I will bring in the borders that make it feel like a real Movie, Also known as: "The Letterbox"
Then I will bring it back into Vegas and color-correct it all and Add in the Sound again, Not one sound at a time. Just the whole rendered thing, Since After Effects CS3 doesn't render sound. After all that we will be close to home, Just pitch the cut again to some people, Get some reviews. Then it's just to upload it! Hope you're as exited as I am! If that's possible.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Epic VFX Time! Einarsson Films Style!

Have spent four hours or so doing VFX for individual scenes in Enemies!
This is going much better than expected, I am really doing some of my best
VFX work here. I really enjoy this, and I am doing better VFX then i have
attempted before. I also tried doing some Bullet wounds on the victims.
This is really nice, I have gone through half the clips, and done the FX
for the clips where people are getting shot or people are shooting.
Once again, I would like you to remember that I will try to upload
Enemies in November. It will last about: 10-11 minutes. There will be
some high Visual Effect's, For my regularity anyway. Please show support!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's Been Going On Daði?

Well, For one, Isaac is once again, mabey backing out of GA4 and HitThief Origins!
Second, We cant find, at the moment, The recorded clips for Escape.
I started organizing my self again, Or in simpler terms: Summer Vacation is over!
Minecraft: Apocalypse is undergoing allot of change in plans:
Such as not recording it in Minecraft. But Animating it with similar techniques
as Captain Sparklez in his music video: Revenge.
I uploaded the third episode of the Vlog, and a new gameplay video:
The new CGI video is of "Splinter Cell: Conviction" Where i started a game-mode
and played trough some missions. One mission. One Episode. More Next Thursday!
Why didn't I do a Story play-trough? I tried, but could not get my self to
talk, say funny things and play, It was too hard. So I did a Hunter play-trough!
Valli is editing the new Einarsson Films vid. Called Assassin, See more on our
"Video's Page"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Minecraft: The Apocalypse

I started a new script the other day... its will be recorded in Minecraft, And its a mini series, a dedective action crime type  thing... See the Video tab for more :D

Monday, July 4, 2011


Einarsson Films is on vacation for summer... No more videos posted this summer.
I might but that is not fully promise-able. DEinarsson might have some Vlogs coming... I don't promise anything. I will record during Summer. (Vlogs, Movies) but i don't promise a video until summer is over. Then we go back. After summer i will vlog weekly and i will make movies monthly. But summer is a time for recording. Editing is good to to in Winter. Central Gaming Intelligence *CGI* are definitely gonna do more videos. Let's Play and more. But not as frequently as i would like.

Thanks, We appreciate the understanding.
- Einarsson Films


Einarsson Films is on vacation for summer... No more videos posted this summer.
I might but that is not fully promise-able. DEinarsson might have some Vlogs coming... I don't promise anything. I will record during Summer. (Vlogs, Movies) but i don't promise a video until summer is over. Then we go back. After summer i will vlog weekly and i will make movies monthly. But summer is a time for recording. Editing is good to to in Winter. Central Gaming Intelligence *CGI* are definitely gonna do more videos. Let's Play and more. But not as frequently as i would like.

Thanks, We appreciate the understanding.
- Einarsson Films

Getting Shirt

Thinking about makning T-Shirts and Hats with the ' Einarsson Films ' Logo on it....

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am scripting Ghost Attack 4  now.... Hopefully we can start shooting this weekend

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Minecraft: Lets Play

Its here the Minecraft - Lets Play series. You can find it on our channel CentralGI LINK
Comment, Like, Fav. What ever... Just leave feedback. Appreciate it.. Thanks.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Minecraft Server

Hey, Guys whats up? i have been offline for some while now... We have missed two vlog days and several blog days (i try and blog every week) the reason is simple. I started a Minecraft Server with some friends... I will try and edit the vlogs and put all of them up. I will see if i can get the Lets Play started... and i will release some COD videos in the near future

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sorry, Guys....

I am sorry guys, but i missed out a release date of Vlog. but hopefully i can do one next week.
I Missed it becouse, we didn't record anything. ( i dont have a camera of my own )
But i can probably get my cam be the end of this week!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

*Insert Intresting Title Here!*

Ok, when i arrived to school today. Isaac ( HitThief ) walks up to me and says: "I Want to make HitThief."
I tell him that we couldn't make more movies, It been finished. The story i mean.
But i tell him that we could make a Origins. He seemed pretty intrested.
So yeah. Thats my story, We might make Origins!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So Welcome to This Website. Version 1.7
We have changed the pages massively!
So now we just have


But in 1.6 it was

Contact Us
Video Info
Upcoming Video Stadus

What we did. Is move all "Video" related stuff into one page. and Contact Us...
Now has a list of Products we use.

And More

So, Summer is near!

Hey, guys. As you might be aware of. I'm going to 9th grade next year.
Um... In Iceland we choose some extra classes in 9th grade. This means that
i might have less time to spend on movie making. *Sadface* BUT!
I can choose film making as a class, and there we get time to make a short-film
from scratch. So that is what we intend to do.

Also... When summer comes, we also get to choose what we do for two days at school.
We are going to shoot the "Prison Break Project" then. We're calling it. "The Escape"
On these two days we are going to film it. It wont be released though until "The Enemies"
Is complete. So that is nice. Just wanted to state that.

Ps. "HitThief Part 2" was a school project like "The Escape" will be!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am sorry that i have been away resently. On the blog, twitter and facebook. Thats becouse i got a new PC!
What Kind?

Intel i7 Quad Core Processor
Modular Everest 80 Plus 600W - Power supply Unit
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R - Motherboard w/ USB 3.0
MSI N470 GTX Twin Frozr II GeForce - Graphics Card
Mushkin Redline 6GB ( 3 slots used ) DDR3 - RAM
1TB WD 10EARS - Hard Drive Disk
And this is in a Cooler Master HAF [High Air Flow] X  - Tower case.

Handles all new and upcoming games perfectly. Good for another 5 years or so.
On the other hand the PS3 is good for handling the upcoming game system for 2 years or so. Just as an example
Also perfect for Visual Effects and Editing. I am currently sinking my teeth in 'Crysis 2' its a beauty.
Its Like Half Life Saga and wonders + Modern Warfare 2 experiance. (The Campaign Mode)
The Online i have not tried yet

Continue Editing Enemies again soon.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

HitThief Part 2

Its Uploaded, The second instalment for HitThief!
These are all i plan to make. No More HitThief films.
But Enemies is promising. i started working on that again after a short vacation.
I hope i can do this! but until then i hope we can entertain you with a up and coming project HUD!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Enemies Update

so, ok Enemies is done. but it has some faults that i want to remove and do again.
Hopefully i can finish by the end of the month, but i do not guarantee anything.
As of now allot about it is unconcearned.
HitThief Part 2 will  be uploaded this month instead!
Enemies is such a big project, that all the VFX and all the scenes need more .... Uh, Refining.
Enemies is without a doupt the biggest project that i have been a part of, i want it to be perfect.
when i am done with it... James Cameron would want me to do his VFX, (Its a joke guys)
but anyways... this week im just gonna put out HitThief on our new channel and HitThief 2
 just days later hope you like the idea, but yeah.
Oh, and dont forget to cheack out my twitter i use it ALLOT! like four times a day.
I blog about once a week. Blogs are useually long. then i post a facebook stadus
like every week aswell but its short, just a stadus. but Twitter. damn its a wonder.
i'd tell you anything on there... defenetly have a look at that. i love twitter.
And if you want to know everything that goes on here at Einarsson Films.
then read the website and follow my twitter. it will pay of

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Editing Enemies!

Enemies??!?!?!?! Whats That? Thats the name of our Top Secret Project!
I am Currently Editing it you can  see a trailer soon enough

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Channel Change

Hey, we are about to change our channel name. becouse we are tierd of being juged for Lego in our name.
plus i think its time to move on.... what sould the name be? Comment or contact me...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top Secret Project Update

Top Secret online at 13th of April. We're gonna make three versions of it. Extended Cut, Normal, Extended Unrated. You can see normal at 13th of April. the other ones will be up later...
Valdimar the editor for this is almost done. Soon i get the film in my hands . then i'm gonna do the FX

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lulz Dude Ep One Shoot...

Today... Right now we're gonna be shooting episode 1 or more for Lulz Dude. Dont know what Lulz Dude is? go visit our Video Info Page

Saturday, March 19, 2011


We at Legos "R" Us have a logo thingy now! see our channel for more
and our second channel for alternative versions

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lulz Dude

We are making some random episodes called Lulz Dude.
The idea for this came trough some thoughts of doing scets

Ghost Attack 4 - Isaac

Turnes out Isaac is willing to do a small role in Ghost Attack 4.
He Will come in the beginning of the movie. and he will leave Daði at the fisrt sight of trouble

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top Secret Shoot, HitThief Part 2 Upload-Update

The Filming for Top Secret Project is complete. But a few pickups are necessary to complete the progress.
Top Secret Project will also come with a Extended Edition for fans who want longer videos.
HitThief Part 2 is secularized to finish editing tonight. Its Almost Over! Yay.
Oh, and by the way Kristján Rúnarsson won the compitition and he can see it before all you SUCKERS!

Friday, March 11, 2011

HitThief Part 2 Deleyed...

It makes me sad to say so but HitThief Part 2 will not meet release date of March 13 2011
Due to intense copyright issues i will have to make a score ( original music piece ) for HitThief 2. Damn

Top Secret Shooting Going On Now!!!!!

This weekend is hope fully the last weekend of shooting Top Secret Stuff... we have this weekend and then a weekend after two weeks hopefully we wont need to get into that, so i can start the VFX face of editing... but yeah thats our weekend ; - )

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HitThief Part 2 Delayed?!?!?!?

As HitThief Part 2 does contain copyrighted music, and in past "test-airs" it did not play any audio due to copyrighted content... so eighter i will have to find an original piece which i can insert.... but i would have to take it back to the first face of editing... Not good!!! So i do not believe that HitThief Part 2 will meet its release date

Monday, February 28, 2011

Top Secret Doubts...

First of.... Third Blog today!!! Yay! Personal Best...

Anyway since this weekend of shooting was also cancelled due to familly vacation of one member.. ME!!!
As fun as that weekend was, i did regret ALLOT not to be able to shoot stunning VFX shots and amazing scenes for our Top Secret Project... but i guess we can wait two weeks...  :-(
Hope we manage to meet our release date... -_-

Secret Promo for The TopSecret Project

Maybe, just maybe I'll put a link to the Top Secret Project's Sneak Peak in the Description...
I hope you read the Description... but i'll also put a hidden annotation in there.

HitThief Part 2 - Trailer and Contest "Test Screening"

We have luched the Trailer for HitThief Part 2... See it Here.
And if you want to see the Contest for the test screening for HitThief 2 then Click Me.
And if you are tierd of me putting links in my blogs... well just dont click them.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Our blog just upgrated to what i like to call 2.0
its slightly new and there is much more info on here than before...
From now on its gonna work as a homepage
now we have a pages system that will help you find more info on upcoming projects

Testscreening for HitThief Part 2

So we close in on the Release of HitThief Part 2....
But will you see it before everyone else?

-What Actor was "The Photographer" in Ghost Attack 3??

Answer this question and you could win.
Send me a Email at

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ghost Attack 4.

It has been decided... but note this project will come out AFTER HitThief Part 2... and AFTER our TopSecretProject. yes you heard me  Top Secret Project comes after the Second part of HitThief!
if you're clever enough you could find the hidden annotation on Part 1 for HitThief then you could find a sneak peak on Part 2... and if you find a Secret annotation on HitThief Part 2 when it comes out then you could find our sneak peak on the top secret project!! and so on...

So, Yeah... Ghost Attack 4 is on but no Isaac... He will simply be cut out of the story...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"HitThief Part 1" Last Update

First part is out and a big success. We was praised allot in school and on Facebook! thank you supporters!

New Action Episode Series

First day of shooting the first episode in a new series is done.... We hope that there'll be over 14 episodes!
These episodes will be in icelandic, THIS IS NOT THE TOP SECRET PROJECT !!!!!!!
These series are about a Assassin that has to erase the trail of one murder.
This series will be posted on Valdimar's Channel -

Episodes 1,3,5,7,9 and so forth will be about the Assassin
Episodes 2,4,6,8,   and so forth will be about the Detectives

Trailer up soon, on both channels.
Hope you like'em

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just decided to...

- Put a New post every week
- Post HitThief Part 2 in March 13th [luckily a Sunday...]
- Tweet more @legosareus
- FaceBook More []
- Not tell you anithing more about our secret project...
- Get some Honey Nut Cheerios tomorrow

HitThief Online

See HitThief Part 1 HERE

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top Secret Project Weekend

Hey, as some of you might guess we were supposed to be shooting stuff for our Top Secret Projects this weekend... but one cast member had his birthday on Saturday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and we didi not get any shots then, and on Sunday three of the cast members witch are related went onto a Relative meet some far away for most of the day.... no shots were managed this weekend
Eighter we have to wait a week or two to get to our next filming weekend.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top Secret Project

I am Currently working on a new film with 11 guys.
All i can really say is that it will be Epic and cast is 11
any more information is Top Secret. i cant tell you the title untill 2 weeks before release!
The Trailer will come 1 Week before release. oh, and i cant tell you when release is yet
untill 2 weeks before release!

Mega Cancellation

Isaac is out of the buisness.
HitThief Part 3, HitThief Origins, Ghost Attack 4
none of this will happen because of Isaac. He Quit
so Part 1 and Part 2 have been recut so that Part 3 is needless

Friday, January 7, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Video Progress and Release Dates

Progress and Release Dates --

HitThief Part 1   - 100% - 20th Februar
HitThief Part 2   - 100% - 30th April
HitThief Part 3   - 20%   - 23rd July
HitThief Origins -  15%   - 20th August
Ghost Attack 4  -  10%   - ?????????

HitThief Origens

While waiting for Summer to shoot HitThief Part 3. We have decided that we need to have a project.
HitThief Origins... Cast of 10, Whoa! more then ever on my videos!
Shooting starts next weekend
Progress Report-
Script - Just about Finished
Casting - Finished
Shooting - Not Started
Editing - Just Beginning on the Credits.

HitThief Origins is gonna be released on the 20th of August. Month after Part 3