Thursday, March 21, 2013


So, I've had this idea circling in my head. It's about a certain story, and a certain character. I don't want to give anything away, really... but I want to tell you a fair bit. The basic was to do a short action film deal that takes place in not so distant future, where we're using holographic technology and stuff like that. For the longest time I had the basic plot in my head, but no idea how to get my point and just the over all characters across in the tale form. Then, on my way to handball practice, I started to listen to a Jack White album on my iPod the way there. The plot then just started to spin it self nicely... now I can move into writing. Just a short story I wanted to share with you on Inspiration.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Assassin: Episode 6 - The Finale

We've already filmed the finale. As of today, that is. We used the new Canon camera, and Einar brought his similar camera. So we're filming the same exact moment from two angles simultaneously. It was just amazing to plan out shots and see them from such different angles. It was a huge increase in workflow and production-value. I will be getting that side of the files this weekend. I will upload the production snaps once I get them from both sides. Monday, I start editing. I'm hoping to finish audio, visual effects and music sometime between Tuesday and Thursday. It's the plan. Then I'm recording that weekend. The next episode of Tango-Down. So yeah, busy times.