Saturday, January 26, 2013

Footsteps in the Night and more weekend updates.

       With only a few days until I intend to release the pilot for Operation: Tango-Down. I've been working hard on post. With almost no time for anything else. It's being really looked into. I like seeing so much detail in every visual, every shot and every sound. It's going to be great. I promise to release it the 31st of January. It's been a long month, Only a video on the first day of the month and the last day.

       That brings me to February, I need to look into what I'll be doing there. When ever I'm not able to work on the films directly I work on the web-based parts, which is very efficient as it is. I've found more time on the website so, yeah! Now the Coming soon page is really updated. Always. On there I've put up a schedule for me to follow. In February, getting back to the point, I will hopefully be finishing the Assassin series. With the final episode, six. As well as a horror story thing called Footsteps in the Night. It's based of a story we read in class with the same title. It's about this wire-killer sort of murderer and a girl, who's in distress.

       If you've already read the Coming Soon-page. Skip to the next paragraph. In March, we'll be getting back to Tango-Down, the second episode to be more specific, and putting out one more episode every single month, while still doing one other video a week. In March we have Soldier's Eye 2, HOPEFULLY! I can't stress enough that sometimes we just can't find time or people for projects. In April we have a new episode of Tango and also another Cinematic, something similar to Ghost-Town. An artistic follow-up if you will. Then it's May, where we'll hopefully be finishing Blue-Nova. As well as another episode of Tango-Down. I still have to decide which comes first because Tango-Down has a big twisty moment in the 4. episode. Then finally in June, We'll be doing the final episode of Tango-Down. As well as a western called 'Outlawed in the West' which will be featuring much more real-like gun-fire and real horses. YEAH! That raps up what you can read on the Coming soon page, anyway. But there it's got more detail and set up more nicely. So maybe look there more often? It's your choice, your life, isn't it? Well... it's just a nice site.

       The Music for Tango-Down, as well as Blue-Nova and the entire Operation series is intended to be done by a talented individual at my age, Eyþór Ólafsson. He's doing some amazing music as we blog -See what I did there?- Lame jokes aside, he is the lead guitarist for the piece. Then I will get all of the delicious .wav files and composite them in with some drum elements and vocal passes. Hoping I can send the finished piece to Valdimar, the producer and get an opinion, on the 30th So It can be fixed and uploaded on the release day, 31st. Wish me some post-production-luck!

       Now that all the films that I filmed last summer are uploaded, or unfinished (Blue-Nova) I need to film. A LOT! I say that because I've got to film every weekend I'm in Keflavík (Where the crew live.) Every other weekend I work the pre-production end a bit more. But I've only got 2 filming weekends every month, now how many videos do we need to film? Enough to upload 2 a month. So, that's maddening. If we pull that off until the end of the season, we deserve a pizza dinner. That's for sure! I've got to write down when I intend to film what. Because it's the only way I will survive.

       Wow this has been a long update post. Last time was like 2 paragraphs or something. Moving to Dizturbed, also known as Hlynur. He's usually the -Stunt supervisor- on our films because he has a lot of experience with this sort of business. Because we throw him off tall things. That's not important right now, what's important is  his projects. He likes to make videos. But takes more interest personally in machinimas. He's always working on something, when he isn't he's just dying inside. I'm working on a project with him. But I have limited time as I'm doing so much for Einarsson Films at the moment. Not to mention personal -things- but he's managing to find other projects when I'm off busy. Which is most of the time. But his channel can be found in the information tab on the site. You can also just find him under Dizturbed111 on youtube. I wish him the best of luck. He's doing great!

       If you read all that. I must thank you. For showing an interest. With love...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Operation: What-the-F**k?

We've finished principal photography on the Tango-Down pilot. It will be up on the 25th, if all goes well. The poster for the pilot can be found HERE. Feel free to pass it around. The pilot it self is 3:25 minutes in length, Principal editorial is completed. Visual effects as well. We've yet to look into sound and music, as well as color-grading. If the pilot does well. We will continue to film the next 4 episodes. Then make the whole series ready, before uploading 1 a month. So wish me luck!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's next, Mr. Einarsson?

      It's time for a long post, It's been to short and sweet here at the website.
So, Let's start of with something simple. On this blog you can get much more info regarding all video production, some projects I talk about here never get made, sadly. But we're always looking for good ways to interact with the community, This is one for people who care and want to hear.
      Next video in January is the first episode of a series called 'Operation: Tango-Down' It's a 5 episode series, unlike Assassin which is waiting for the 6th and final episode. It's long overdue to finish that series, but we need more prep then previous short episodes. Getting back to 'Tango.' We intend to tell you what happened before 'Blue-Nova' once it came out. But it got delayed, and this just was next up so we couldn't delay it anymore. 'Tango' is much more scripted then Assassin and the pilot will be out there by the end of January if this weekend's shoot go well.
       It's planed to film dialogue scenes on the Saturday, then the action scene on Sunday. We've got a larger crew then ever for such a short episode. We're expecting a crew of 4 on Saturday, and 5-6 on Sunday. We've completed a script and shot-list. I've got to do a few things before we can enter production. Only 3 episodes are scripted so far, but the series has been planned out.
      Other then 'Tango' I've been working on a machinima series. But deny going into detail, as I fear too much hype that people can build in their heads when it comes to something new and interesting. Sorry, no more info as of this time. Stay tuned on Aetosaur if you want the first glimpse. When it arrives, but that's Henry's territory.
       I think we've finally built a pretty good net of people who want to join the film crew and are ready to join the projects we're working on, when the crew get's bigger. So does the quality and audience. 'Tango' for instance will be full of high DOF shots as I test the new lens I got. 75-300mm If you speak camera, otherwise google it. Recently, the crew just added like 4-5 members interested in being a part of something I do. So, great for us!

         Thank you for your attention.

-DEinarsson: Director