Friday, September 30, 2011

Epic VFX Time! Einarsson Films Style!

Have spent four hours or so doing VFX for individual scenes in Enemies!
This is going much better than expected, I am really doing some of my best
VFX work here. I really enjoy this, and I am doing better VFX then i have
attempted before. I also tried doing some Bullet wounds on the victims.
This is really nice, I have gone through half the clips, and done the FX
for the clips where people are getting shot or people are shooting.
Once again, I would like you to remember that I will try to upload
Enemies in November. It will last about: 10-11 minutes. There will be
some high Visual Effect's, For my regularity anyway. Please show support!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's Been Going On Daði?

Well, For one, Isaac is once again, mabey backing out of GA4 and HitThief Origins!
Second, We cant find, at the moment, The recorded clips for Escape.
I started organizing my self again, Or in simpler terms: Summer Vacation is over!
Minecraft: Apocalypse is undergoing allot of change in plans:
Such as not recording it in Minecraft. But Animating it with similar techniques
as Captain Sparklez in his music video: Revenge.
I uploaded the third episode of the Vlog, and a new gameplay video:
The new CGI video is of "Splinter Cell: Conviction" Where i started a game-mode
and played trough some missions. One mission. One Episode. More Next Thursday!
Why didn't I do a Story play-trough? I tried, but could not get my self to
talk, say funny things and play, It was too hard. So I did a Hunter play-trough!
Valli is editing the new Einarsson Films vid. Called Assassin, See more on our
"Video's Page"