Friday, December 5, 2014

The Future

     Haven't posted in ages. But I decided to to a little upkeep on the site. There's been a little work around here and there. A lot of projects that I had going have been abandoned. Some we will pick up in the future... but right now, we're doing different stuff, very different stuff. A lot of it isn't even work I'm doing for myself, but it's all work and all very educational and a whole lot of fun.
      If you're wondering where we've been, the answer really isn't anything other than "busy" but we're going back into production on some short films that you'll see over the coming months. So plenty more stuff to come, but right now we're doing more difficult stuff and more stuff in general, the fact is that things take time, a lot of it.
      On the other hand we're moving up in the real world, people are noticing us, we're getting to collaborate more and it's a lot of fun. Please do take a look at the coming soon site if you're interested in what you can see in the not-to-distant future though. It's all really exciting, if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


      Right, Season 4. It's been a while since I last posted something on this site. But, hey. It's not like there's a billion viewers waiting for me to post my non-sense here. But let's get down to it. We've been working our butts right off. Ever since Gussi got back from Norway, we've been shooting... and when we're not shooting. It's editing or writing. Gussi arrived on a Sunday. The following Monday, we shot a new skit. We've still got to do the ADR. The week I spent finishing the rest of the video in editorial, as well as prepping for shooting our next video. 'Archer' we used the entire weekend to shoot. Was a real challenge  lots of things we've never done before. Right now Valli is working on editing it and so am I. Once we've locked the cut we're moving into ADR recording. Where we re-record all the dialogue. For both 'Archer' and the skit video. So it's all in motion
     We're also going to shoot a video for the next Monday Challenge for Film-Riot. As well as I am writing another script for another skit. Once we've shot the next challenge video, we're probably going to do either the last episode of 'Tango-Down' or the new skit. Either way, Tango-Down will be our fourth video of the season and the next skit the fifth. Sixth will probably be 'Black-Eyes', then another skit and after that 'Cold-Steel.' I think. We haven't gotten any further.
       I'm moving back to writing the sci-fi film: working title - pFuture. It's in motion, people are joining in and things are getting on. I hope we can start casting November-ish. 90 pages of story is a lot. GOD. So much work right now. I really love it, but it's also driving everyone nuts.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend updates

     After coming home from the final school trip, we nose-dive back into production. Starting off: Hlynur calls me and tells me that he needs and SSD card for his brand new GoPro - Hero 3: Silver Edition. He took the camera to his school trip and filmed the whole thing with his GoPro. The video can be seen at his channel here. Then I plan weekend shooting, but having to delay it from Saturday to Sunday. I spent the Saturday at Hlynur's place. Testing out some editing software and the GoPro. We threw it in the fish tank and discussed possible mounting positions. I then contacted all the people that we needed for the Sunday shoot.
     The crew left Keflavík 12:15 and shot all day in excellent weather, unlike the shooting day two weeks earlier. The use of a certain prop is just amazing in this piece, can't wait for you guys to see it. I won't be able to edit until wednesday... since the audio is still a bit 'iffy' I will edit the whole thing and then summon all the speaking roles to one location to do ADR, but very differently then we're used to. I will also be learning how to use Audacity in order to work audio better than before.
     Speaking has always been an issue, we're close to solving that! This new idea behind ADR plus an investment I'll be making soon after this summer (after working my butt off for it, that is.) The investment is a brand new micro-phone device deal that is a pro-grade equipment! Also considering buying an anamorphic filter for my DSLR for the shooting of our sci-fi feature. Codename: pFuture.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


So people loved 'You're a lamp' there's only one thing. What do we do with that info? Sequel? Not yet. Next on the agenda is another similar sketch. If that one is considered good, or in similar ranks as the lamp thing. We're making this a series. Clever name? Maybe... We're just going to make similar videos about the adventures of some guys. The character we see in You're a lamp: Dave. His roommate, the one he spoke of twice, William (Valdimar) their friend Harvey (Hlynur) and more. Average days is the feel we're going for, but these guys aren't average. They have a 'living' lamp and do shenanigans. Sound good?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bogey 11 and production for episode 4

We've just released the 3. episode in the series known as "Operation: Tango-Down." Featuring actor Guðsteinn Ellertson. The episode's ratings have been climbing and it's definitely raised the standard for the series. The next episode will be re-written in order to compete with the standard we just set. As well as the time mark of 5 minutes, now we have to lengthen the next episode. As well as shoot it just as well. Which means I will try and get Guðsteinn back for the camera. Still working on getting some Behind the scenes done, as well as planing the next shoot, because next available weekend is a bit crowded, might need to do something else. HINT - HINT. Maybe film the final scene for Blue-Nova.

Monday, April 29, 2013

You're a lamp!

After making a snap decision to take part in Ryan's Monday Challenge on Film Riot. We wrote and shot a film that until the contest is over, we're calling Monday Challenge: The Emotion, as instructed. But after that we're re-naming it to 'You're a lamp!' The video features me and my place's lamp. I make references to Hlynur and Valli, Hlynur's name is on the note left at the dining table... Valli is referanced in me saying: "Did William buy you?" simply because I know Valli thinks his name should be William, were he English/American. The idea is simple enough, but it has gotten great responses in the short time it's been out. People seem to enjoy the simple things we've been doing (Footsteps, Lampiness) next month we're wrapping up the long awaited 'Operation: Tango-Down: Case 3 - Bogey 11' and then the fourth episode, 'Operation: Tango-Down: Case 4 - Breach & Clear' which is being re-written, simply because the third episode tops it, if we don't. So look forward to more and more awesome content. Because from now on, it's all Michael Williams and Lewis Charles until the season is over!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


'Footsteps' was something out of the ordinary, not something you'd see at the channel regularly, that's an understatement. We've been working on it since January. That being pre-production, we read the story in class and I just fell in love with it.  February we filmed it. I started some tests back then and March was kind of post-production video section, then one week in April was the audio. Which was the one thing I was really disappointed by... we just didn't have the time, the ADR wasn't good enough,  I am also very new to the whole audio business. For that I apologize, but the car driving was completely digital. What a waist of time on something that could have been done practical! The whole film was shot during the day in order to keep the crew refreshed and upbeat. Instead the whole film was  converted to night time with different methods and techniques. Also, the first Einarsson Films EVER to feature a female actor (this case 2.) So moving forward in life, or movies... whatever.