Sunday, July 22, 2012

Season 3

It's short now, Einarsson Films' third season is about to begin. We count our films in seasons. Season 2010-2011 was short, and only featured Hit-Thief films and two trailers. Season 2 (2011-2012) was... prolific, we set out to do one video a month, and we came close. Sadly few months didn't make it there. Videos like: 'Enemies' and the 'Assassin' series, along with 'Ghost Town' but Season 3 will be great! We will be doing 2 videos a month, or every second week. 'Operation: Blue-Nova' is coming... Including some great stuff! We will also be doing videos from August to June. Shortening the upload dry-season to just one month! We are working hard to produce enough content for you guys. Don't worry, just because we're increasing quantity, we're NOT loosing quality. If the day comes where we must choose. Quality is our main priority! But other channels may suffer from this. DEinarsson for instance will not be doing one a week or two a month. (Like we wanted to try) It will probably be doing one a month or maybe more, and CGI will sadly suffer the most since it's been the hardest for us to do that channel it's best. So that might be the downside. We're sorry, but there has to be one. We're all entering 10th grade. That's the last year of Primary school in Iceland. But to some it's the 2. year in high-school. (I forget, but I think the name was something really long and boring :/ ) So school is a lot of work for us. That's why we're spending a lot of our summer filming, just so we can achieve this goal. I hope that's okay for you guys. We also came into a little discovery. Just about no-one knows that we have a website! :( I hope this will change soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Video page update

I was updating the video page when I made a wish... 
I was following my past self film maker dream! So I decided to add this to the video page...

"-HitThief: Legacy - Announced -  The idea is simple enough the supporting roles are too introduce more story to the series. We want to create one more HitTheif video. Also continuing the saga that Part 1 and Part 2 started. This is just an idea... But this would be great! If we were to see our first action film saga finally take a close. Since we have had the idea of how it should end for ages. Now we will go after the ancient dream!"

Filming is intense!

Riding our bikes through the dirt with a bag loaded with props... It's amazing! It's tiering but amazing! I was filming an upcoming short action-film we're calling it 'Rampage!' We're going to add loads of refrances. One 'Indiana Jones' refrance one 'Star Wars' refrance, something from 'Matrix' I like to belive. We added allot of effects... A machine-gun it's pretty cool.. We also tried out somethings with Element 3D. Basically adding in CG into our films. Amazing stuff right there! It process 3D objects in after-effects! Cheack it out on VideoCopilot's website I recomend it! We also kicked in some dirt in before filming some shots.. Just adding in some cool-ness... Practical effects! Amazing! I am really happy about this shoot!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Project 2am

We've got a considerable large goal for next season. Making 2 videos a month, Or Project 2am. It's great! You should be able to see what we're releasing and when on our video page. Have a nice upcoming Einarsson Films season.