Monday, February 28, 2011

Top Secret Doubts...

First of.... Third Blog today!!! Yay! Personal Best...

Anyway since this weekend of shooting was also cancelled due to familly vacation of one member.. ME!!!
As fun as that weekend was, i did regret ALLOT not to be able to shoot stunning VFX shots and amazing scenes for our Top Secret Project... but i guess we can wait two weeks...  :-(
Hope we manage to meet our release date... -_-

Secret Promo for The TopSecret Project

Maybe, just maybe I'll put a link to the Top Secret Project's Sneak Peak in the Description...
I hope you read the Description... but i'll also put a hidden annotation in there.

HitThief Part 2 - Trailer and Contest "Test Screening"

We have luched the Trailer for HitThief Part 2... See it Here.
And if you want to see the Contest for the test screening for HitThief 2 then Click Me.
And if you are tierd of me putting links in my blogs... well just dont click them.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Our blog just upgrated to what i like to call 2.0
its slightly new and there is much more info on here than before...
From now on its gonna work as a homepage
now we have a pages system that will help you find more info on upcoming projects

Testscreening for HitThief Part 2

So we close in on the Release of HitThief Part 2....
But will you see it before everyone else?

-What Actor was "The Photographer" in Ghost Attack 3??

Answer this question and you could win.
Send me a Email at

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ghost Attack 4.

It has been decided... but note this project will come out AFTER HitThief Part 2... and AFTER our TopSecretProject. yes you heard me  Top Secret Project comes after the Second part of HitThief!
if you're clever enough you could find the hidden annotation on Part 1 for HitThief then you could find a sneak peak on Part 2... and if you find a Secret annotation on HitThief Part 2 when it comes out then you could find our sneak peak on the top secret project!! and so on...

So, Yeah... Ghost Attack 4 is on but no Isaac... He will simply be cut out of the story...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"HitThief Part 1" Last Update

First part is out and a big success. We was praised allot in school and on Facebook! thank you supporters!

New Action Episode Series

First day of shooting the first episode in a new series is done.... We hope that there'll be over 14 episodes!
These episodes will be in icelandic, THIS IS NOT THE TOP SECRET PROJECT !!!!!!!
These series are about a Assassin that has to erase the trail of one murder.
This series will be posted on Valdimar's Channel -

Episodes 1,3,5,7,9 and so forth will be about the Assassin
Episodes 2,4,6,8,   and so forth will be about the Detectives

Trailer up soon, on both channels.
Hope you like'em

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just decided to...

- Put a New post every week
- Post HitThief Part 2 in March 13th [luckily a Sunday...]
- Tweet more @legosareus
- FaceBook More []
- Not tell you anithing more about our secret project...
- Get some Honey Nut Cheerios tomorrow

HitThief Online

See HitThief Part 1 HERE

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Top Secret Project Weekend

Hey, as some of you might guess we were supposed to be shooting stuff for our Top Secret Projects this weekend... but one cast member had his birthday on Saturday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and we didi not get any shots then, and on Sunday three of the cast members witch are related went onto a Relative meet some far away for most of the day.... no shots were managed this weekend
Eighter we have to wait a week or two to get to our next filming weekend.