Wednesday, August 28, 2013


      Right, Season 4. It's been a while since I last posted something on this site. But, hey. It's not like there's a billion viewers waiting for me to post my non-sense here. But let's get down to it. We've been working our butts right off. Ever since Gussi got back from Norway, we've been shooting... and when we're not shooting. It's editing or writing. Gussi arrived on a Sunday. The following Monday, we shot a new skit. We've still got to do the ADR. The week I spent finishing the rest of the video in editorial, as well as prepping for shooting our next video. 'Archer' we used the entire weekend to shoot. Was a real challenge  lots of things we've never done before. Right now Valli is working on editing it and so am I. Once we've locked the cut we're moving into ADR recording. Where we re-record all the dialogue. For both 'Archer' and the skit video. So it's all in motion
     We're also going to shoot a video for the next Monday Challenge for Film-Riot. As well as I am writing another script for another skit. Once we've shot the next challenge video, we're probably going to do either the last episode of 'Tango-Down' or the new skit. Either way, Tango-Down will be our fourth video of the season and the next skit the fifth. Sixth will probably be 'Black-Eyes', then another skit and after that 'Cold-Steel.' I think. We haven't gotten any further.
       I'm moving back to writing the sci-fi film: working title - pFuture. It's in motion, people are joining in and things are getting on. I hope we can start casting November-ish. 90 pages of story is a lot. GOD. So much work right now. I really love it, but it's also driving everyone nuts.