Sunday, November 13, 2011


Now that Enemies is done, Should we start working on a new large, exiting project? Code-name: 'Allies'
This we can start working on for a long time. And you might be able to see it by this time next year, Or so. Hopefully we will go for this, Its not that there isn't a list of films that we have to get done soon enough! This will be our next big thing, (Discluding; "Ghost Killers" , " Minecraft: The Apocalypse")

Yeah... I know!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last Enemies Update!

Enemies was released some days back. We have gotten great responses. It is nice to hear how many people love our stuff. In fact people have been walking up to me telling me how nice it was. I love getting compliments like that. Hopefully we can make our next release as in the second week of December. I will try my best to get the guys to record some sort of short film for the next release date. But the main news is that Enemies is released and It did well, It has English subtiltes for those who don't speak Icelandic.
You may find the short film HERE. Enjoy!