Sunday, May 26, 2013


So people loved 'You're a lamp' there's only one thing. What do we do with that info? Sequel? Not yet. Next on the agenda is another similar sketch. If that one is considered good, or in similar ranks as the lamp thing. We're making this a series. Clever name? Maybe... We're just going to make similar videos about the adventures of some guys. The character we see in You're a lamp: Dave. His roommate, the one he spoke of twice, William (Valdimar) their friend Harvey (Hlynur) and more. Average days is the feel we're going for, but these guys aren't average. They have a 'living' lamp and do shenanigans. Sound good?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bogey 11 and production for episode 4

We've just released the 3. episode in the series known as "Operation: Tango-Down." Featuring actor Guðsteinn Ellertson. The episode's ratings have been climbing and it's definitely raised the standard for the series. The next episode will be re-written in order to compete with the standard we just set. As well as the time mark of 5 minutes, now we have to lengthen the next episode. As well as shoot it just as well. Which means I will try and get Guðsteinn back for the camera. Still working on getting some Behind the scenes done, as well as planing the next shoot, because next available weekend is a bit crowded, might need to do something else. HINT - HINT. Maybe film the final scene for Blue-Nova.