Sunday, June 10, 2012


After a short conversation with Henry, when he was dilivering his lines to us for Operation: Blue-Nova. I learned that he is defenetly coming to Iceland next summer. This is great news. Meaning that Operation: Cold-Steel the sequel, he will star in :3

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New video is up!

The last video before summer vacation is up. There wont be another Einarsson Films video until the 19th of August. Then you can see Operation: Point-Delta is a shortened opening sequence the original sequence is around 60-70sec long, but this teaser is only 49sec long with all titles included. But it is enjoyable none the less. We do this so that when you watch the full film you're not just re-watching the teaser in the first minutes of the film. The video that is up is called 'Viktor the Dog' It's compiled clips of my dog Viktor preforming all kinds of stupid shenanigans. It was filmed by my mother and her boyfriend, my step-dad. They thought that  I should edit it together, so I did, and you can watch it. Thanks for the attention.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Filming started for Project Allies

The shooting for the upcoming project, Project Allies, or Operation: Blue-Nova has started. First day of filming was just being finished today. It was a great action sequence. We filmed for around 3hrs today. After that I looked at some of the clips, one in specific, and I see now that the VFX for that specific scene will be a little daring, This was the filming of one out of 3 fight scenes. The first one is a silent ninja like one, the second is an intense scene where the three characters do not know the position of the other. Then finally the third is a chase scene which has a great twist in the end. I cannot say to much, But the first one will only need to be filmed correctly and the second one will be based allot on editing. But the third has it's source on VFX. Today we filmed the second one. I like to think we'll start with filming the fights then we'll move over to filming all the dialog sequences. Over all this will be allot of work over the coming months since we all have summer jobs and all our families has plans! I also believe that I will try and base the camera movement on the character's feelings. So if the scene is intense the camera will shake and move around allot. If the scene has allot of running, the camera will be running around. If the character is just delivering a line or doing mondain work, It's stable. But when the line get's feeling attached to it, so will the camera.