Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Allies

Okey, this is the second large secret project that we're starting. Called Project Allies, only those who followed the blog know anything. But nothing really. See Project Allies, is a large project. About the same length as Enemies. Only more awesome. Released in November. The only news I will post are hard to understand tweets and Facebook staduses. A teaser on the DEinarsson channel in October. Then a Trailer in early November. Then the film itself. Never giving away the name. Untill the trailer. Enjoy :3

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Okey, for those who don't know, Ætosaur is a channel on Youtube, that's got a 150 subs or so. The leader of the channel Saurian/Henry H. Is willing to mabey star in one of our projects. But is that gonna be a huge role in a huge project? Or a smaller one? Or a smaller project? WHAT? Mabey he wont be on at all. What are yer toughts people of the Internet?