Sunday, October 30, 2011

Enemies Ultimate Behind the Scenes!

I was hoping to do some "Behind the Scenes" for this film as in posting videos on the DEinarsson channel. The videos we where thinking of posting are:

"Visual Effect Breakdown" "Score Breakdown" "In the Editing" "Video Commentary" and the "Movie Commentary"

That's Allot, But I'd like to include our basic routine in Five Video's just so that we dont need to explain this every time we post a video. Not just to make it esier on us. But helping our friends that are curious as to how we do our video effects and Gun fires. Stay tuned, Enemies will be posted on the first Sunday in Novemember! It's Just around the corner people!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Visual Effects for Enemies!

The Visual Effect face for the new upcoming short: "The Enemies" is complete! I have done all the Effects for the individual clips that are in the short film. Now I have done 50% of the editing for the film. It's looking better than before and I'm still wondering why I didn't just start from beginning right away. This is so much fun! When I'm done with this layer of editing I will go back over the whole cut and add Sound Effects. Then go over the hole thing again and add the Music. Then I Render the hole Cut and bring it into After Effects where I will bring in the borders that make it feel like a real Movie, Also known as: "The Letterbox"
Then I will bring it back into Vegas and color-correct it all and Add in the Sound again, Not one sound at a time. Just the whole rendered thing, Since After Effects CS3 doesn't render sound. After all that we will be close to home, Just pitch the cut again to some people, Get some reviews. Then it's just to upload it! Hope you're as exited as I am! If that's possible.