Monday, April 29, 2013

You're a lamp!

After making a snap decision to take part in Ryan's Monday Challenge on Film Riot. We wrote and shot a film that until the contest is over, we're calling Monday Challenge: The Emotion, as instructed. But after that we're re-naming it to 'You're a lamp!' The video features me and my place's lamp. I make references to Hlynur and Valli, Hlynur's name is on the note left at the dining table... Valli is referanced in me saying: "Did William buy you?" simply because I know Valli thinks his name should be William, were he English/American. The idea is simple enough, but it has gotten great responses in the short time it's been out. People seem to enjoy the simple things we've been doing (Footsteps, Lampiness) next month we're wrapping up the long awaited 'Operation: Tango-Down: Case 3 - Bogey 11' and then the fourth episode, 'Operation: Tango-Down: Case 4 - Breach & Clear' which is being re-written, simply because the third episode tops it, if we don't. So look forward to more and more awesome content. Because from now on, it's all Michael Williams and Lewis Charles until the season is over!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


'Footsteps' was something out of the ordinary, not something you'd see at the channel regularly, that's an understatement. We've been working on it since January. That being pre-production, we read the story in class and I just fell in love with it.  February we filmed it. I started some tests back then and March was kind of post-production video section, then one week in April was the audio. Which was the one thing I was really disappointed by... we just didn't have the time, the ADR wasn't good enough,  I am also very new to the whole audio business. For that I apologize, but the car driving was completely digital. What a waist of time on something that could have been done practical! The whole film was shot during the day in order to keep the crew refreshed and upbeat. Instead the whole film was  converted to night time with different methods and techniques. Also, the first Einarsson Films EVER to feature a female actor (this case 2.) So moving forward in life, or movies... whatever.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The month of April, Last few months of 'Season 3' & some 'Season 4' News!

        Starting with the month of April. I've yet to finish 'Footsteps' but I intend to finish it Monday! ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) is in Valli's hands, as the video work has a few adjustments I'd like to add before I send it out. Next weekend we're filming the third episode of 'Tango-Down,' I expect to be done writing it this weekend. Which will be released last possible second this month, as usual. Hlynur wanted to jump on as Co-Writer on this one... 'Footsteps' has been in production since February. So we've worked a fair bit on it, but it's not exactly textbook Einarsson Films, so If you like our different projects, this one is for you.

        Ok, May... just a quick update. In May we're hopefully releasing 'Soldier's Eye 2' but if we can't get the GoPro we were hoping for, we're probably doing a cinematic video, beautiful shots and nice calm music... and the other video that month (not necessarily the last, depends on how things work out) is the fourth 'Tango-Down' episode. In which we see a nice plot-twist and cliffhanger. Then in June we're finishing the 'Tango-Down' series, with the release of the 5. episode (first two weeks or so...) Then ending the season on the release of the long awaited 'Operation: Blue-Nova' which was originally written to be the beginning of the series... now you'll see it as the sequel to the 'Tango-Down' series! Then we're taking a break from releasing, but we'll need to film a lot for 'Season 4.'

        'Season 4' will be a month of no release dates, no more quick short videos. We're closing in on school transfers and moving to a new stage of education, leaving us filled with stress as it is, slowing down releases but making 4 longer projects instead. The 4 projects can be read about on the 'Coming soon' page, but I'll count them up here:

  'Outlawed in the West' : a western, most likely the first video

  'Operation: Cold-Steel' : the sequel to Blue-Nova and finishing the trilogy of 'Operations,' likely to be the second video (unconfirmed) 

  'Carlos' : our top secret project, probably the third or fourth video

  'Project Future' : working title, a Sci-Fi comedy-drama, probably the third or fourth video. My personally most anticipated.

        Even though 'Season 4' is filled with challenges, four films, two of them something we've never done before, one will be kept completely secret, 'Cold-Steel' will be the most straight forward one, but that is still a difficult task, I will probably not be interlacing the shooting too much. We'll most likely film it in the order I counted it up. Except for 'Cold-Steel,' that will depend entirely on when Henry can show up. Or if it will be re-cast... let's hope that we won't do that. So excitement. I am trying to remain focused at our current season, but it's hard because we've got so much to look forward too. I have to focus on finishing the coming projects, which I'm also really excited for. Mainly the 'Operation' series though, if I'd be honest... here's the thing though, films like the western and the Sci-Fi film will be good to show to just about anybody... and 'Footsteps' you don't need to be an action fanatic to enjoy that either so, those are usually getting more attention.