Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Season 4, February and more!

So, starting with February...I know I don't have anything out. Yeah, I'm a bad person... Work on 'Footsteps' is well underway. It's actually only got the last few bits of post-production-audio left. Including ADR and adding in some final foley touches... But here's the deal. I've only got this one day to get everybody's lines in (That's 5 characters... thank you.) So I doubt it's gonna make it. But it got me thinking about season 4... Which I'll get to in a second. So I've been pushing people to see If I can get it here in time, but if I can't. I will just release it first thing March. With the videos already planned for that month. Which is the second episode of 'Operation: Tango-Down' and hopefully 'Soldier's Eye 2.' Once again, if that doesn't work. I'm just going straight for 'Assassin' - Episode 6.
       Now, season 4. It's changing people! Once we complete the current on going season 3 with the 2 a month process, we move to season 4. Where we're going to longer projects. Give us much more time on them and work on each one like the big ones we do every so often. We'll be doing the videos as we see fit. Working on them until we see them complete. The reason we didn't do this sooner, is because I need some pressure to keep going. But I trust I can complete this sort of thing now without a release date. So. We've got 4 projects in store. More can be found about them on the -Coming Soon- page.