Friday, December 24, 2010

Ghost Attack 4 Prosess Update!

Isaac         -  Plot Accepted!
Valdimar     - Plot Accepted!
Hlynur        - Plot Accepted!
Daði           - Plot Accepted!

Nice funny bits are being designed, the affects are being tested!
the plot is in developement! the full name ideas are going fast!
This film will probably be available in August 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

22nd of December!

- We're Coming close to the release of NightFinders!
- Only Three have submitted to the contest for HitThief yet... "More Will Come!"
- And i saw too awesome groups on youtube...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ghost Attack 4??

I have gotten approval from one out of five cast members....
Valdimar - Approved

Ghost Attack 4?

Working on Ghost Attack 4 Script. If i get the cast of Ghost Attack to accept i might be releasing Ghost Attack sometime in August 2011 thats a month after HitThief Part 3 Release....
and no GA4 will not be shot in the same LAME way the rest of the series was.
it will be shot in a more creative format. the way i shot HitThief. the editing will be done differently and i will be shooting this film from January to May. and editing will take part in August. Hopefully i will get the cast to accept. as you may have noticed the filming and editing of this goes around the filming and editing of HitThief Part 3 witch we be all done form June to July.

NightFinders - Trailer

The Trailer of NightFinders Do Not Miss The Full Film... On The 24th

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Five Sites

We Now Have Five Sites
On Twitter: @legosareus
On Facebook:
On Webs:
On Youtube:
On Blogger:
Its So Wierd To Control All This....

NightFinders - Teaser

Its For A Short Film Coming Sometime soon...

HitThief Test Screening Competition/Contest

Anwser This Question Correctly and you will be able to win! You Can See HitThief Test Screen almost a month before everyone else the Question is...

-What is The Most Viewed Video That Lego's "R" Us Posted On You-Tube and How Many Views Does it Have

Email me or comment and You Could Win!!!


You Can See NightFinders at the 24th of December In Icelandic...
We are Working on a english Translation on it!