Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Operation: Blue-Nova

It's written, and almost fully cast. Operation: Blue-Nova, the large project of the year. Known also as Project Allies. We're gonna be filming allot and as editing allot. There are busy times ahead. I love it!!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Semi Interesting Story...

Now, I am sick. Again. This is getting pretty tier-ing. I shall tell you the story. It's written in first person. By my toughts. Their a little blurry. But that's how I remember it.

    Ugh, what time is it? I am awake and it's not early yet, my neck hurting. My ass in the air. Feeling nothing but, Damn! My ear! The pain. It's not supposed to feel like this. Is something dying inside of it? My window is open. I hate this, my ear is constantly bugging me. More then 8 years now. Fuck! Comes on and calms down allot. It's getting unbarable. Let's just try and sleep trough it. Face into the pillow. I suppose. No, not working, all I feel is pain. God Damn It! Shit! This is not a nice time. In school is fine. Then I get a ticket home. Now I get a ticket to a sleeples night. I don't think that's a nice ticket... considering the school tomorrow. Dad! I need to speak to Dad. As I stumble over to dads place. I see the time. It's 5. That can be good news... like, if I won't be able to sleep, I will only suffer 2-3 hrs, and not 4-5 hrs. I approach the door. It's open. As I stumble towards the bed. I whisper: "Dad, the ear, it's killing me. I am surprised it isn't bleeding." Dad mumbles something. All I can make out is "Painkiller" and when his girlfriend hear us, she starts mumbleing, "..Nosespray..." Fuck! I hate those bastards, nosespray. Never feel any better after one. Only discomfort. Dad gets up, tells me to go to bed, then he walks into the kitchen. When he arrives he hands me a large glass of water and 2 pills. I just grab it. I don't care what it does. He thinks it will help. GIMME! I grab, place and swallow a half a liter of water. He hands me the nosespray, fuck. Well, it's supposed to help. I grab and spray. Then he hands me the glass of water. Swallow the rest. Damn! This ear thing has to be kidding. It's been less then 3 months. The pain seems to be unstable. Sometimes it's bearable, other times... not so much. Why can't I just not be sick and go to school. Always better. Oh my lord!! The pain. My toughts seem to be unstable. I lay down. I don't even feel a little sleepy, wait! Not on the ear. It's killing me. Not on the other side. It's like the ear will cut trough my skull. God! Sit up and yell. This is not my favorite night. It's been half an hour. Those pills ain't kicking in. "ARRRG!!!" I lay back down. What's this? I feel sleepy. I... I.... it's....