Monday, April 29, 2013

You're a lamp!

After making a snap decision to take part in Ryan's Monday Challenge on Film Riot. We wrote and shot a film that until the contest is over, we're calling Monday Challenge: The Emotion, as instructed. But after that we're re-naming it to 'You're a lamp!' The video features me and my place's lamp. I make references to Hlynur and Valli, Hlynur's name is on the note left at the dining table... Valli is referanced in me saying: "Did William buy you?" simply because I know Valli thinks his name should be William, were he English/American. The idea is simple enough, but it has gotten great responses in the short time it's been out. People seem to enjoy the simple things we've been doing (Footsteps, Lampiness) next month we're wrapping up the long awaited 'Operation: Tango-Down: Case 3 - Bogey 11' and then the fourth episode, 'Operation: Tango-Down: Case 4 - Breach & Clear' which is being re-written, simply because the third episode tops it, if we don't. So look forward to more and more awesome content. Because from now on, it's all Michael Williams and Lewis Charles until the season is over!

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