Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend updates

     After coming home from the final school trip, we nose-dive back into production. Starting off: Hlynur calls me and tells me that he needs and SSD card for his brand new GoPro - Hero 3: Silver Edition. He took the camera to his school trip and filmed the whole thing with his GoPro. The video can be seen at his channel here. Then I plan weekend shooting, but having to delay it from Saturday to Sunday. I spent the Saturday at Hlynur's place. Testing out some editing software and the GoPro. We threw it in the fish tank and discussed possible mounting positions. I then contacted all the people that we needed for the Sunday shoot.
     The crew left Keflavík 12:15 and shot all day in excellent weather, unlike the shooting day two weeks earlier. The use of a certain prop is just amazing in this piece, can't wait for you guys to see it. I won't be able to edit until wednesday... since the audio is still a bit 'iffy' I will edit the whole thing and then summon all the speaking roles to one location to do ADR, but very differently then we're used to. I will also be learning how to use Audacity in order to work audio better than before.
     Speaking has always been an issue, we're close to solving that! This new idea behind ADR plus an investment I'll be making soon after this summer (after working my butt off for it, that is.) The investment is a brand new micro-phone device deal that is a pro-grade equipment! Also considering buying an anamorphic filter for my DSLR for the shooting of our sci-fi feature. Codename: pFuture.

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